B.N. Ramakrishnan | Senior Vice President, Finance

Ramakrishnan is Senior Vice President, Finance at Xalted Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. and is responsible for corporate finance, legal, corporate secretarial functions, treasury and taxation.

Ramakrishnan comes with over two decades of experience and his forte lies in finance, accounting, legal, corporate secretarial and general management functions.

Prior to Xalted, Ramakrishnan held senior management positions in capacities as CFO & Company Secretary and as Vice President & Company Secretary in several companies including Unisys, Monsanto and the Garden Vareli Group to name a few. In his previous assignments, he had played a key role in mergers, fund raising, IPO, Rights Issue etc.

Ramakrishnan holds a Masters Degree, a Bachelors Degree in Law and an ACS. He brings with him strong business acumen and significant knowledge in financial planning, accounting, cost management, fund raising, treasury, mergers and acquisitions.

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