Xalted’s Fraud Management System: FraudTrace

Telecommunications fraud has been identified as the single biggest cause of revenue loss for telecommunications providers, with figures averaging between 3 and 5 percent of an operator's annual revenue. The introduction of new applications and services by telco’s necessitates a superior fraud management solution, which effectively tackles current and future fraud scenarios.

Xalted delivers a comprehensive suite of fraud management solutions that empowers telcos to identify, capture and prevent fraudulent activities across their manifold service offerings. Xalted’s fraud detection solutions are proven, benefiting customers with powerful controls that ensure real-time monitoring, customer profiling and a comprehensive analysis across an extensive range of environments.

xalted fraudtrace

Xalted’s FraudTrace fraud management solution is an innovative, convergent and future ready fraud detection and management solution, which identifies anomalies by monitoring all services, traffic data, customer usage patterns and network element behavior. As a flexible and integrated solution, FraudTrace can be quickly configured to process new rules as soon as new revenue leakage areas are detected. An easy-to-use console enables service providers to rectify the fraudulent activities without the need to configure a separate solution. FraudTrace has been designed to be able to detect various fraud types that exist on the telecom network.

Major fraud types handled by FraudTrace

Network Frauds
IN / Prepaid Frauds
Messaging level Frauds Mediation & Billing Frauds
InterConnect Frauds
Transmission level Frauds
Roaming Frauds

Key Benefits

Empowers faster decision making through automated alarms and notification mechanism, graphical reports for the critical users
Highly Flexible, Scalable, Modular and Tech agnostic solution enabling CSPs to reduce operating costs and realize faster ROI as a result of superior operational efficiency and reduced administration overheads
Comprehensive coverage of all types of frauds in the telco environment and the solution is hardware independent
Real time based fraud detection by tapping CCS7 signaling links through SS7 probes utilizing Xalted’s substantial experience in SS7 signal tapping

Key Features

Capability to address any type of fraudulent activities in the telco environment including all prepaid, postpaid, IP and 3G scenarios
Ability to capture data from multiple sources directly from the real time network
Consists of most comprehensive fraud detection system with conditional builder, workflow and alarm mechanism
State-of-the-Art analysis tool for Record analysis, Finger printing, Link analysis and GUI reporting system.
Provides a common case management and issue resolution module for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Business Intelligence solutions
Supports real-time detection based on SS7 signal link tapping to capture signaling link information associated with call and various service parameters

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