Xalted's Inter-Operator Administration and Accounting System - InterTrace

The telephony services use sections of the network controlled by different operators, necessitating the charging and settlements due to the volume of traffic used by each operator in the other operators’ network. Because of the increased number of services available and the large number of interconnection agreements between the various operators, it is often necessary to evaluate several different economic values for the same type of traffic to measure interconnection traffic. In addition, as these interconnection agreements may well be linked to tariff schemes and promotions offered by the various telephony companies, they are likely to vary considerably over time.

Xalted’s Inter-operator Administration and Accounting product, InterTrace is a versatile, flexible solution that adapts in a simple and effective way to existing infrastructures and is designed to provide a rapid response to interconnection data processing requirements by providing access to all the necessary values and data.

The architecture provides the desired capability to scale the application linearly against the underlying hardware platforms.

xalted intertrace

Key Benefits

Leveraging InterTrace’s highly configurable framework, CSPs can drastically reduce time to implement business rule changes
Vertical scalability that supports high volume of transaction processing
Improves cash flow and faster time to bill through automation of the process for comparing interconnect charge information from multiple independent interconnect accounting systems
End to end solution right from data collection to payments and settlements without manual intervention thereby reducing overhead of manual handling of transactions across multiple operators and easy integration with the GL and other financial systems with Payments, Receivables and Adjustments

Key Features

Capable of adding new service partners and other Telco operators quickly and securely, enabling profitable revenue share and settlements and can handle any future deregulation scenarios for interconnect billing as well as Roaming Settlements
Settlement based on any number of complex parameters, any number of operators in the service value chain
Supports Least Cost Routing based analysis, Trunk Group or Routing based algorithm
User Interface and Rule Driven Management of Revenue Agreements, Tariffs and Share and Settlements
Taxation and Discounts at every level of settlement
Versatile, extremely scalable and distributed processing architecture is ideal for increasing traffic volumes
Configurable and rule-driven, Enables computation of CDRs based on limitless parameters
Rating model supports different tariff plans for inter-operator transactions. Enables quick launch of new business models for market expansion and the competitive advantage
Highly intuitive reporting to solve billing disputes through a comprehensive reconciliation process and customized invoicing formats

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