Convergent Mediation System - xMedDy

The need for operators to transform the raw data from various network elements into valuable business information across the network is integral to deliver a superior customer experience. With evolving market dynamics and next-generation services, there is an urgent need for a converged mediation platform.

Xalted’s mediation product, xMedDy is a truly convergent mediation device for acquiring service usage from any type of network elements. xMedDy collects usage events from different network elements of GSM, CDMA, PSTN, Broadband and other NGN networks for Voice and associated VAS network elements like SMS, MMS, internet, data from MSC, WAP, SGSN, GGSN, Location based services application server, GMLC, UMTS and 3GPP on the same Platform.

In its largest deployment, xMedDy collects records from more than 600+ NEs of various technologies with over a Billion CDRs/ day, processes the CDRs and then provide data to the downstream applications.

xalted xMedDy

Key Benefits

Highly configurable, Incorporates configurable business rules to merge similar input files for a single output, Single, highly configurable software solution that consolidates the billing mediation.
Eliminates data redundancy through duplicate check
Easy integration with revenue assurance and billing systems, in addition to several BSS and OSS applications, based on open architectures
Will enable the Telco’s to rapidly deploy new technology, services, and pricing plans
Simple and flexible, enabling service providers to deploy and manage services quickly and with pricing plans that maximize market penetration and average revenue per user.
Proven, unparalleled performance and support that allows seamless migration as you upgrade from legacy to next-generation network architectures. The company will be able to maintain service levels and profitability.

Key Features

Consolidates billing mediation to a single, enterprise-wide product - reducing hardware costs, simplifying configuration and administration, and enabling the complex mediation required for new data, content, and multimedia services.
Acquires and manages raw data input irrespective of input source and technology
Custom adaptors for a wide array of switches with conversion algorithms for common CDRs formats
The service is reliable and cost-effective, which collects, correlates, filters, and enriches events generated by any service on any range of networks
Mediate events, analyze/correlate those events instantly, and Rate the events in real-time (if billing or charging is involved)
xMedDy usage events are never lost due to latency or downtime
Configured to integrate with any NE existing in the telecom network
Provides specialized features like data stitching, duplicate checks, multi-stream outputs
Specialized reports to locate missing data
Historical reporting for traffic analysis

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