Xalted’s OSS/BSS Product Suite

Operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) have been the driving forces allowing service providers to deliver a multitude of products and services to customers in an efficient way. OSS/BSS transformation can now be the catalyst for increasing revenues – supplementing and supporting traditional sales and marketing routes.

Incumbent service providers with legacy systems are constantly faced with launching new products using inflexible OSS/BSS platforms. Altering such systems to adapt to new evolving business needs has proven costly, and is disruptive to existing services. As a result, service providers must subject system modifications to rigorous and lengthy isolation and integration testing. But effective product launches should be fast and efficient in order to make an impact and increase market share and profit margins.

Xalted’s OSS/BSS solutions drastically reduce time-to-market while helping service providers control development and deployment costs. Xalted offers a complete suite of OSS/BSS solutions for managing complex networks ranging from Legacy systems till next-generation services, comprising Convergent Mediation System (xMedDy), Inter-Operator Administration and Accounting System(InterTrace), Service Provisioning and Service Fulfillment Solution (xServPro) and Convergent Retail Billing System (mBOSS).

Xalted’s OSS/BSS solutions are based on industry standards and implement best practices such as the eTOM framework proposed by the TM Forum. This compliance ensures trouble-free integration of the OSS/BSS solutions with other network elements via several different interface mechanisms, including DIAMETER, RADIUS, OSA/PARLAY, and XML/HTTP.

Xalted’s OSS/BSS solutions and services portfolio is ideally suited to fixed, mobile and converged carriers in fast growing countries as well as those facing fierce competition leading them into an IP transformation to deliver higher-value, secure user-centric services faster.

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