Fraud Management Solution

Telecommunications fraud is one of the largest causes of revenue loss for service providers and has been a fact of life in the telecommunications business. With the launch of other services aside from traditional voice and the adaption of newer technologies, the problem is going to compound. Left unchecked, fraud is going to be the major threat to the telecommunications business, eroding margins, consuming network capacity, hampering customer relationships, and the survival of your business.

Most operators have a Fraud Management System (FMS) already in place but are still unable to tackle fraud losses due to inflexibility and too much dependency on the vendor preventing the operator to quickly adapt to constantly changing fraudulent and legitimate behaviors. It is crucial to adapt the latest FMS detection techniques which are more capable of stopping emerging fraud types, enabling an increased efficiency in the detection processes. FMS should incorporate the latest detection technologies that are capable of evolving & quickly apprehending to those changes. Fraud Management Solution should effectively minimize an operator’s exposure and potential liabilities by continuously monitoring usage behavior throughout the customer lifecycle to identify fraudulent patterns. The solution should have proactive detection capabilities and prevents losses across varied lines of businesses and products ensuring end to end coverage for all kinds of communications service providers.

Xalted offers a Fraud Management solution with FraudTrace, at its core, which holistically detects, identifies and prevents fraud across the entire revenue chain. Xalted commits to deliver a market leading solution in tandem with its fail-safe approach and quick deployment timelines, which enables the operators to yield immediate benefits and establishes a sustainable and effective approach for on-going and long-term revenue management and revenue maximization program. The solution incorporates the latest detection technologies that are capable of evolving & quickly apprehending to the changing landscape of fraud management environment.

Key Benefits

Enables Faster Decision-making

Empowers faster decision making for Communication Service Providers through automated alarms and notification mechanism, graphical reports for the critical users. Real time based fraud detection by tapping CCS7 signaling links through SS7 probes

Comprehensive Solution

Comprehensive coverage of all types of frauds in the CSP environment

Enhances Flexibility, Reduces Costs

Highly Flexible, Scalable, Modular and Technology agnostic solution enabling CSPs to reduce operating costs and realize faster ROI as a result of superior operational efficiency and reduced administration overheads

Designed by Domain-Experts

Designed and developed by highly experienced team of Xalted thus enriched by domain specific knowledge. Utilizes Xalted’s substantial experience in signal tapping

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