To remain profitable in today’s complex business environment, a Communication Service Provider (CSP henceforth) has to establish appropriate business strategies and processes while retaining its competitive edge. There are three major aspects CSPs have to work upon to ensure their revenue and maximize it:-

Business Intelligence with Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management capability to gain relevant information for immediate action and controlling outcomes

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management to plug unnecessary leakages and reduce hidden costs

Efficient and Integrated OSS/BSS for network optimization and efficient operations

Utilizing its domain expertise in the Communications industry, Xalted brings a range of products to cater to aforementioned business aspects and thus addressing all the stages of revenue generation value-chain for CSPs.

Xalted offers its unique Business Analytics & Intelligence solution especially designed for Communication Service Providers to address the core challenge of seamless transition of data from information into intelligence leading to immediate action.

Xalted’s xTRA is a very flexible and innovative Revenue Assurance solution, that allows traffic to be monitored, highlighting all “anomalies” which could indicate an incorrect use of services. It defines monitors and controls revenue streams at various processes within the CSP' business. Xalted also brings FraudTrace, which is innovative, convergent and future ready fraud detection and management solution, which identifies anomalies by monitoring all services, traffic data, customer usage patterns and network element behavior.

Xalted offers a complete suite of OSS/BSS solutions for managing complex networks ranging from Legacy systems till next-generation services, comprising Convergent Mediation system (xMedDy), Inter-Operator Administration and Accounting system (InterTrace), Service Provisioning and Service Fulfillment Solution (xServPro) and Convergent Retail Billing System (mBOSS).

Xalted products are designed and developed over its unique Xalted Intelius Platform it is an innovative amalgamation of diverse domains of Intelligence, Information Technology and Communications Technologies. It has been developed by utilizing the comprehensive domain expertise of Xalted’s team of multidisciplinary professionals.

It powers the cycle of intelligence generation across all the stages of Collection, Analysis, Production & Dissemination and Planning & Modeling. It receives inputs from diverse domains over a wide spectrum of channels; apply the techniques of Knowledge Curation, Tactical & Strategic Analysis, generates Proactive Intelligence for Comprehensive Situational Awareness. This proactive intelligence can be shared to all key policy and decision makers as well as to the end users in a controlled manner. It ensures the appropriate level of abstraction and type of representation while providing the output.

A key feature of Xalted Intelius Platform is the continuous enrichment of the layer of intelligence and knowledge driven insights over time. Thus offering agencies with information superiority and capability to manage and control the outcomes of events.

xalted intelius platform
Figure 2: Xalted's Intelius Platform

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