Revenue Assurance Solution

Despite the increased awareness of the importance of revenue assurance, service providers are continuously faced with revenue leakage problems as their networks evolve into a more complex infrastructure with the adaption of new access and service delivery technologies coupled with the constantly changing service offerings to meet market demands.

A comprehensive Revenue Assurance solution that incorporates the latest detection techniques, one that is highly flexible to adapt quickly to the changing landscape of revenue assurance environment is the key to an effective revenue assurance practice.

Xalted offers a Revenue Assurance solution with InteliREVASSURER at its core which holistically detects, identifies and prevents revenue leakage in service providers across the entire revenue chain. Xalted with its proven track record and best-of-practice approach commits to deliver a market leading solution with quick deployment timelines, allowing operators to immediately yield the benefits and establish a future-proof solution that would effectively support the service provider's current and long-term revenue management and revenue maximization program.

Xalted’s Revenue Assurance solution, whose unique process-driven approach helps service providers, improves their business and financial performance dramatically by effectively detecting Revenue Leakages within the Telecom network. Our customers have been able to identify and recover over $200 million in revenue leakage.

Our Revenue Assurance Solutions are designed to be highly flexible and innovative that allows traffic to be monitored, highlighting all “anomalies” which could indicate an incorrect use of services, providing a flexible, easy to use environment for the control of suspicious events and allowing an automatic interruption of specific services to be implemented if particular conditions arise.

Key Benefits

Immediate Information, Faster Decision, Instant Action

Shorter time to detect revenue leakages by synchronization of network-to-inventory-to-billing solution.Advanced auditing and reconciliation, enabling faster decision making

Focus on Core Issues only

Enables users to focus on core issues of making decisions and taking actions. Provides automated features of control point reconciliation and usage analysisthat combines threshold-based alarm/notification for early detection. Frees up valuable time engaged in monitoring and analysis

Ready to be deployed, in all environments

Detects all types of revenue leakages in all communication environments viz. wireline (PSTN, ISP, VoIP); wireless (2G, 2.5G, 3G) across services; postpaid, prepaid, VAS, MMS, M-commerce

Hassle-free Usage

Experience the highly intuitive user interface and advanced visualization features which enables even the non-experts use the system easily. Highly flexible and configurable reporting tool allowing the users to create all kinds of revenue reports.

Designed by Domain-Experts

Designed and developed by highly experienced team of Xalted thus enriched by domain specific knowledge.

Better Relations with your Customers

Improve customer retention while reducing operational costs

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