Revenue Maximization Solution

The cut-throat competition of today has forced Communications Service Providers (CSPs henceforth) to constantly review their business strategies, services offered and operations. To stay ahead in this fast paced environment, it is not enough now to provide innovative services and assure revenues through efficient operations. For a CSP it is now more imperative than prudent to Maximize Revenue rather than just assure it to gain that extra edge.

Business Analytics & Intelligence
For immediate action and controlling outcomes, CSPs need to have relevant information on their fingertips and an ability to act on it in real-time. They need advanced intelligence tools like market simulator, scenario modeling, churn management etc. to strategize, innovate and act in real-time.

Revenue Assurance
An effective Revenue Assurance process for CSPs must ensure the integrity and synchronization of both data and processes across all the disparate systems and the network itself, in order to sustain operational and financial efficiency.

Fraud Management
Fraud has been identified as the single biggest cause of revenue loss for CSPs, with figures averaging between 3 and 5 percent of an operator's annual revenue. The introduction of new services and collecting revenue effectively for them by a CSP necessitates a superior fraud management system, which effectively tackles current and future fraud scenarios.

CSPs thus require an integrated solution especially designed for them which addresses all these challenges effectively. To empower CSPs with advanced tools to overcome aforementioned barriers in achieving its goal of Revenue Maximization, Xalted offers its unique Revenue Maximization Solution for Communication Service Providers.

This Revenue Maximization Solution has been powered by InteliREVMAXIMIZER which is developedby Xalted utilizing its comprehensive domain expertise in Communications industry.This ingenious solution addresses the various challenges faced by CSPs at various stages of revenue-generation value chain. Whereas, InteliREVMAXIMIZER empowers CSP with real-time market dynamics information while designing new services and products, it also enables them with tools like market simulator and scenario modeling to predict and control the outcomes.It is ready to be deployed for all types of network.

Using this solution, a CSP can monitor its products performance as well as customers’ responses towards them. Xalted’s Revenue Maximization Solution also empowers a CSP with subscribers’ behavior and trends. For example, a CSP may find out a certain segment of customers more interested into data products rather than voice and ready to pay a premium if provided with right services. In a similar way, CSP can perform the churn analysis and manage it by monitoring its customers’ behavior using advanced tools integrated in this solution.

Xalted’s Revenue Maximization Solution also detects revenue leakage points and provisions for plugging them in real-time. The revenue assurance framework of solution amalgamates Xalted’s comprehensive expertise in mediation, provisioning, billing and fraud management. It defines monitors and controls revenue streams at various processes within the telecom providers' business. It enables CSPs to achieve cost-savings, high ROI, and quick returns with minimal investment through the implementation of a proactive RA strategy across departments.

The Fraud Detection and Management functionality of Xalted’s Revenue Maximization Solution is innovative, convergent and future, which identifies anomalies by monitoring all services, traffic data, customer usage patterns and network element behavior. As a flexible and integrated solution, it can be quickly configured to process new rules as soon as new revenue leakage areas are detected. An easy-to-use console enables service providers to rectify the fraudulent activities without the need to configure a separate solution.

Key Benefits

Enables you to act in Real-Time

Gain Intelligence on your fingertips and take immediate actions taking advantage of highly integrated solution. Shorter time to detect revenue leakages by synchronization of network-to-inventory-to-billing solution and inbuilt features like automated alarms and notification mechanism, graphical reports for the critical users

Empowers you with Superior Market Intelligence

Real-time sense of the market dynamics. Predict and control the outcomes using advanced tools like market simulator and scenario modeling. Provides the ability to gauge the market effectiveness of new products / services without even launching them into the market

Serve your Customers better

Monitor subscribers’ responses for a particular product. Observe their behavior and usage trends. Improve customer retention while reducing operational costs

Focus on Core Issues only

Enables users to focus on core issues of making decisions and taking actions. Provides ready to use intelligence by utilizing advanced monitoring, background analysis and features like automated control point reconciliation and usage analysis. Frees up valuable time engaged in monitoring and analysis

Hassle-free Usage

Experience the highly intuitive user interface and advanced visualization features which enables even the non-experts use the system easily. Highly flexible and configurable reporting tool allowing the users to create all kinds of revenue reports.

Designed by Domain-Experts

Designed and developed by highly experienced team of Xalted thus enriched by domain specific knowledge.

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