Xalted UProbe

Xalted UProbe is a next generation of communications protocols analysis equipment and an integral part of Xalted’s Revenue Assurance/Fraud Management solution for capturing signaling traffic in Legacy and Next Generation Networks, Services and Applications. Xalted UProbe is a Modular and Flexible Configurable Rack mount probe with built-in Storage. The Xalted UProbe can operate in medium-large size data and telecoms centers where power, scalability and multi-protocol handling are necessary in order to assure revenues and prevent frauds in busy networks. Xalted UProbe is a 2U 19” rack mount with up to 3 TBytes storage and 32 E1/T1/J1 PCM ports. When it comes to power, flexibility, performance, energy consumption and applications Xalted UProbe is the best in its class.

UProbes are protocol analyzers with an ability to generate custom SS7 protocol CDRs in real time, thus facilitating instantaneous reconciliations resulting in real-time fraud detection and thus the integration of UProbe with Xalted FMCC/RA solution becomes invaluable to exploit the complete benefits of Xalted UProbe.

Key Features of Xalted UProbe

19” Mack mount 2U
AC Redundant Power Supply (DC -48 optional)
LAN GE analysis ports for SIGTRAN links
PCM analysis ports for TDM links
Gigabit Ethernet management port for WEB/Control GUI access
Fast Ethernet control port for remote server configuration and maintenance
Flash disk size: 4GB SSD for operating system
Data disks located in hot swappable bays
Designed for SS7 and SigTran monitor probe
Analysis: 600.000 packets/sec
Recording: 800 Mbit/sec PCAP
LSL, HSL, and SigTran: 750 signalling links
Up to 5 Simultaneous Web Clients

The Technologies

SS#7 MTP & SigTran


ASDR & CDR generation and Forwarding
Signalling & Service management
KPIs generation and threshold management
Statistics Reporting
Alarms & Anomalies

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