Xalted iLIS

To effectively tackle criminals and to stay ahead of them, Law Enforcement Agenciesneed to partner with Communication Service Providers and intercept crucial communication data. The CSPs then pass this intercepted data to the monitoring system at LEA end.

This necessitates the CSPs to have an efficient solution for Lawful Interception System which should be safe with strict usage control given the sensitive nature of data. Itshould be delivered to the LEAs in real-time.

To address these challenges, Xaltedoffers a comprehensive, convergant and fully compliant Lawful Interception System. iLIS can be easily implemented at CSP's premisesand/or nationwide by a country and enables them to smoothly manage interception process and data transfer.

iLIS is responsible for intercepting, recording and passing the Call Content (CC) and Intercept Related Information (IRI) for a target to the Interception Monitoring System (LIM) at the concerned LEA's end in real-time. It also provides a data retention facility for further recording and replay. iLIS's modular architecture enables integration with future technologies and address scalability needs.