Xalted’s Service Fulfillment and Service Provisioning System - xServPro

As telecom service providers face the daunting tasks of configuring smartphones and triple play video services, provisioning and inventory systems are increasingly "going live" and becoming far more real-time, integrated, multi-layered, and intelligent.

Xalted’s Service provisioning and Service fulfillment solution, xServPro is a fully integrated OSS suite of comprehensive Order Management, Circuit and Asset Inventory Management, Number Management, and Trouble Management functionality. It enables service providers to master their mission-critical business and operations processes with four fully integrated key products. xServPro also includes a Common Data Store, which is a centralized database, which contains all elements of common data. All data is accessible to all processes and authorized users, thus providing single source data, data integrity, and consolidated reporting. xServPro also supports integration to external applications through an extensive suite of application program interfaces (API’s) supporting a variety of data transfer protocols and mechanisms.

xServPro’s Java based Real Time Activation Engine is capable of running on any OS and DB platform and can be easily integrated with any billing system via open API’s and XML interfaces. On the other side, it can be integrated with Legacy Network elements to 3GPP and NGN Network elements using its configurable libraries. User can configure various services, network elements and MML commands using its user friendly web UI.

xalted xServPro

Key Benefits

Easy workflow integration with CRM and Billing system both functionally and technically
High degree of configurability allows introduction or modification of services, service features, workflows, organizational structure, network resources, etc without the need of further application development.
Provides user friendly and ubiquitous web based GUI for system users for managing day to day operations
Provides extensive set of predefined and configurable reports which cover information on inventory, activations and analytical reports on fault management.
Multi threaded structure for order processing enabling priority wise order execution

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