Xalted Profile

Xalted is a leading global provider of end-to-end Proactive Intelligence and Analytics solutions that empower Government Agencies and Business Units to make smarter and informed decisions – thereby enabling them to solve complex problems by providing valuable insights.

Oceans of data are being created every second. Structured Data and Unstructured Text: Twitter, blogs Documents, Email, Chat. It’s increasing day by day! Without an effective analytics solution, this rapid upsurge in data makes it exceedingly difficult for governments and business to find relevant information and create valuable actionable intelligence.

Xalted channelizes years of research, innovation and expertise to design domain specific solutions that effectively manage big data by employing advanced techniques of collecting, filtering, curating and analyzing data. These sollutions save the analyst time, make sense of oceans of data and create actionable intelligence.

Designed with the best of breed architecture, Xalted’s solutions are truly scalable and flexible to take in oceans of data without compromising on performance. These solutions are powerful tools for analysts to access disparate open source information and structured data, correlate data across domains, create a 360-degree holistic view, and find the needle in the haystack. It helps analysts transform oceans of data to actionable intelligence.

Big Data Analytics

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