The fundamental challenge with open source information is finding relevant information within the oceans of data available. iAcuity, accesses and analyzes Open-source data by collecting, extracting, and correlating information from publicly available sources such as media sites, web communities, social networking sites including Social media, wikis, blogs, Government reports, speeches, warnings, judicial reports etc.

Designed with the best of breed architecture, iAcuity is truly scalable and flexible to take in oceans of data without compromising on performance. By profiling and discovering relationships between entities such as people, organizations, companies, key phrases, products or places, iAcuity helps analysts truly tap into open source information by building context and insights. In order to give the analyst a 360-degree view, iAcuity correlates data across domains, creates actionable intelligence and helps find the needle in the haystack. iAcuity empowers analysts by making oceans of data useful thereby aiding them to create a safer world.