InteliCENTER is designed to help analysts make volumes of data useful. Whether from telecom, banking, travel, government databases or any other valuable source, InteliCENTER’s domain specific analytics modules will help analysts sort through all the data and find the needle in the haystack.

InteliCENTER comes with its very own pattern engine designed to allow the analysts to define and search for a pattern on the fly. InteliCENTER’s intuitive pattern creation module allows the analyst to define a series of events that together form a pattern. InteliCENTER will then search through the oceans of data and identify matches to the predefined pattern.

Our domain specific analytics modules are designed to give analysts the right information at the right time allowing them to make informed decisions. The InteliCENTER platform is focused on providing actionable intelligence that helps analysts convert oceans of data to actionable intelligence.