OSS/BSS Solution

Communication Service Providers are forced to become experts in rapid experimentation, and that implies having enormous operational dexterity. Telecoms must not only launch services quickly, they must also bill for them creatively and provision them efficiently to keep ahead. At a time when operational systems and OSS/BSS platforms are being stretched to their limits, it's crucial that revenue leaks, fraud, customer bad debt, and interconnect billing problems don't sink the business in the midst of the system juggling.

Xalted’s OSS/BSS solutions drastically reduce time-to-market while helping service providers control development and deployment costs. We offer a complete suite of OSS/BSS solutions for managing complex networks ranging from Legacy systems till next-generation services. We provide independent and unbiased end-to-end OSS/BSS Solutions to service providers in addressing their various technical, operational and business needs.Our OSS/BSS solutions are based on industry standards and implement best practices such as the eTOM framework proposed by the TM Forum. This compliance ensures trouble-free integration of the OSS/BSS solutions with other network elements via several different interface mechanisms, including DIAMETER, RADIUS, OSA/PARLAY, and XML/HTTP.

Our OSS/BSS solutions and services portfolio is ideally suited to fixed, mobile and converged carriers in fast growing countries as well as those facing fierce competition leading them into an IP transformation to deliver higher-value, secure user-centric services faster. As a result of its vast experience in the OSS/BSS segment, we have been able to offer end to end solutions at competitive pricing, with the flexibility to roll out services quickly to market & ability to integrate with speed in the existing environment.

Xalted consists of a team of highly experienced professionals in telecom solution architecture, project management and systems implementation. Combining very detailed product knowledge with extensive industry experience, our project team has unmatched ability to design and deliver world-class implementation of our products and solutions.

Through our team of experienced and high-performing telecommunications and business professionals, we designs and implement the following OSS/BSS Solutions:

Converged Mediation Solution
Service Provisioning and Service Fulfillment solution
Inter-operator Administration and Accounting solution (InterConnect Billing Solution)
Convergent Retail Billing Solution

Key Benefits

Empowering communication service providers

Our dynamic OSS/BSS solutions enables the Communication Service Providers to focus on their core business in developing and delivering innovative and profitable services, collecting usage information and charging customers. Our products and solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of the market

Offer innovative packages and rollout of new service offerings quickly

Solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable both vertically and horizontally allowing the operators to introduce complex and innovative service offerings and launch the services quickly to meet the customer needs

Improveoperational efficiency and reduce operational cost thereby increase margins

Tightly integrated OSS/BSS solutions ensure non recurrence of operational issues and proven, unparalleled performance ensures optimal service availability and thus increasing the operational efficiency and margins

Faster Time-to-Market new service offerings

Our solutions help Communication Service Providers to reduce time-to-market for new services, supporting innovative service differentiation and faster ROI

Ensures Service Reliability

Our proven solutions enable Communication Service Providers to consistently deliver quality services to their customers and thus achieving customer satisfaction and reduced churn rate

Value for Money

Our expert team helps Communication Service Providers to design optimal solution for your OSS/BSS requirement and reduce overall operating costs and improve margins on your services offerings.

Solutions designed by domain experts and implemented by professionals

Through our highly experienced telecom domain experts and business professionals, Communication Service Providers can achieve faster and reliable solution implementations

Solutions compliant to Standards

Our solutions are designed in compliance to industry standards such as eTOM Framework, GSMA & 3GPP/3GPP2 standards. This brings flexibility in reducing integration challenges and dramatically speed time-to-market and associated development costs.

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