Xalted’s Revenue Assurance System: xTRA

Experts recognize that telecom revenue leakage is considered the most significant threat to today’s telecom network operator: each year leakage is estimated to cost operators somewhere between 6 – 12% of revenues and the effects are contagious and affect the entire organization. To effectively compete in the open telecom marketplace, a telecommunication operator have to establish sound processes to reduce fraud and maximize revenue: as the new business systems and services are continuously introduced, the revenue assurance solutions should be able to detect and allow the business analysts to quickly configure the system with new rules in order to detect and fix leakages as soon as they are discovered.

Xalted’s xTRA is a very flexible and innovative Revenue Assurance System, that allows traffic to be monitored, highlighting all “anomalies” which could indicate an incorrect use of services, providing a flexible, easy to use environment for the control of suspicious events and allowing an automatic interruption of specific services to be implemented if particular conditions arise.

xTRA is a revenue assurance framework that amalgamates Xalted’s comprehensive expertise in mediation, provisioning, billing and fraud management. It defines monitors and controls revenue streams at various processes within the telecom providers' business. xTRA enables operators to achieve cost-savings, high ROI, and quick returns with minimal investment through the implementation of a proactive RA strategy across departments.

xalted RAS xTRA

Key Benefits

Detects all types of revenue leakages in all telecom environments viz. wireline (PSTN, ISP, VoIP); wireless (2G, 2.5G, 3G) across services; postpaid, prepaid, VAS, MMS, M-commerce
Shorter time to detect revenue leakages due to synchronization of network-to-inventory-to-billing solution thereby assisting the operators
Monitors and prevents leakages through automated control point reconciliation and usage analysis that combines threshold-based alarm/notification for early detection
Maintains product assurance and billing integrity for products and services
Improved customer retention and reduced operational costs
Advanced auditing and reconciliation features enabling faster decision making
Highly flexible and configurable reporting tool allowing the users to create all kinds of revenue reports.

Key Features

End-to-end reconciliation of the data from signaling link to billing including the accounting data.
Checks for Integrity of Chargeable event, billing and settlement
Policing of customer and operator activity
Accounting data accuracy assurance and correction
Reconciliation and analysis of revenue data
Ability to capture data from multiple sources directly from the real time network
Consists of most comprehensive Revenue leakage detection system
Provides a common case management and issue resolution module for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Business Intelligence solutions
Supports real-time revenue leakage detection based on SS7 signal link tapping to capturesignaling link information associated with call and various
Report generation on all Revenue Assurance activities