Consulting Services

Xalted’s Consultation services are primarily focused on providing technical understanding for Xalted’s customers and partners. The main goal is to offer all necessary support, additional assistance and knowledge encompassing the Xalted’s array of solutions.

Our consulting services can also be presented as individual service packages. The services are tightly coupled with our solutions and expertise in OSS/BSS, Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance domain.

Our consultation services include the following categories:
OSS/BSS Solution architecture and Migration Analysis Services
Requirement capture services
Revenue Assurance audits

Managed Services

The need to meet increasing business demands due to convergence of networks and services within reduced budgets in a complex technological environment remains a challenge.

Xalted enables you to align your IT and business strategy, by delivering improved business performance through revenue maximization programs and reduced service provisioning costs without compromise on quality. In aligning IT capabilities with your business goals, Xalted creates a flexible ICT infrastructure that helps you adapt to the latest technologies and respond quickly to fast-moving business opportunities

Service Deliverables
Our Managed Services offerings encompass all areas under sales to collections for business performance analysis, churn management, revenue assurance, CDR processing, retail billing, interconnect settlement, service provisioning, customer management, network monitoring and much more.

Xalted’s service deliverables follow a step-by-step approach to achieve optimized performance of your IT infrastructure through:

Established business processes and performance metrics
Availability of relevant data usage to measure performance
IT enablement of business processes
Utilization of tested and proven systems and resources
Identifying and plugging revenue leakages
SLA management

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Professional Services

Right from the planning and design to ongoing implementation and solution optimization, Xalted will help you integrate our products and services into your business environment using a product-centric approach that emphasizes configuration over customization.

While we provide localization capabilities as needed to extend products to fit your unique business needs, our emphasis is on optimizing your investment to its maximum potential. Delivered globally by highly skilled and experienced professionals, Xalted’s services combine centralized centers of expertise together with local rapid response and preventative support professionals to protect your investment and improve operational efficiency.

This Service category includes the following services:

Delivery Services

Our deliver services have been designed to ensure timely implementation of the project without hampering the existing operations at the customer location. Xalted's comprehensive delivery services consist of the following:

Project Management
Project Planning
Requirement study

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Support Services:

Our Support services have been designed for smooth operation of the systems followed by the implementation and allowing sufficient time for the operational staff to get acclimatized with the system.

The support services cover the following.
Helpdesk services / 24/7 Service number
Problem fixing
System performance check
Assistance remote / on-site
Change request processing
Information request processing
New releases of core modules
Version control

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Training Services

Xalted's training services are designed to cover our customer's training needs at all points during and after the project delivery to build and maintain our customer’s competencies to get the most out of the delivered systems.

Standard training courses are fitted around the needs of project group members and administrators. In addition to standard training packages, Xalted also provides tailored training courses according to need. Training sessions can either be arranged on-site or at Xalted's premises.

Sessions are organized into theoretical training followed by on-the -job during which the trainees can practice the corresponding topics. Emphasis is placed on the basic concepts behind communication between the Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and the network element interfaces.

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